Well, I certainly came to this hobby late in life, and there's not much here to offer. Yet (I hope).

Here is a little breakdown on the world of fanfic writing as I see it. There are many others ...

At the moment, I've only written for one anime, El-Hazard, mostly due to a great deal of affection for one of the characters in that anime (which one will become obvious if you read the stories).

Story Synopsis
Alchemy, Part 1: Deus ex machina
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First part of a trilogy. The birthing of an ultimate weapon.
Alchemy, Part 2: Telum Populi
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Why settle for one ultimate weapon when you can have two?
Alchemy, Part 3: <untitled> Finale (in progress).
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What do you get for someone who already has what counts most?

Note: The stories are written using DocBookX XML, Gnu Emacs, and the PSGML package. The output formats (HTML, PDF, RTF, Text) are automagically generated from the XML source files via XSL and a couple of different XSLT processors.

There are vast repositories of fanfic pointers out there, so I will limit myself to the first fanfic stories that I read -- the ones that got me interested in reading fanfiction, and a couple that got me interested in trying my hand at writing as well.

Cels: For a brief time, I collected anime cels. But it's not a cheap hobby, cels are not particular durable, and my interest waned. But they are nice to look at so long as you keep them out of the light of day :)

With respect to fanfiction, my favorite subjects are El-Hazard, Ah! My Goddess, and Ranma 1/2. Here are some additional pointers.

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